Dear Chris, Love Glenda

UH-OH! The Labour leaflet machine seems to be burpy-sick and firing out letters to absolutely everyone.

Either that or Glenda Jackson is attempting her greatest ever feat of persuasion. Ever. Ever. In her latest mailshot, she writes personally to Chris Philp, her Conservative opponent in Hampstead and Kilburn,telling him all about her 18 years in Parliament and seeking  his “support”. Not bluddy likely, methinks.

“Oh, ho ho ho. Very funny,” you can already hear the Labour team saying sarcastically in response. “But silly little episodes like this will always happen when you are sending out so many leaflets in the heat of an election campaign.” Maybe. But even if Philp sent out a letter to every resident in the constituency, pushing one through every single person’s letterbox, he still wouldn’t reach Glenda’s door. She votes in south London.

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