Don’t mess with Glenda

GOOD on Glenda here. She saw Sam Coates’s bit of mischief in The Times (and maybe the blogpost about it here) this morning and flew straight into action. She is not going to be announcing her retirement today. She is not a ‘walking by-election’. Hey, I did say that would have been pretty sensational news if she had suddenly stood down on today of all days – Gordon’s at the Palace for goodness sake.

By lunchtime, Coates blogs the broadside that seems to have come his way after he suggested that the Labour Party had suggested (it was them, not him, you see) that she is among a number of MPs that are over-65 and who strategists are trying to steer out of their seats. You don’t mess with Glenda like that. She isn’t beaten by a long stretch yet. Here’s what she said:

I’m not a walking by-election, and nor does my doctor think so. I find this comment quite deeply offensive. I find it quite outrageous that someone dares to say this – given the Labour Party has acted on race, gender religion and age. Jack Jones will be turning in his grave when I think of the work on equality we put in.

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