Expect a call from Ms Jackson’s office

WRITER, columnist and now Guardian political blogger Sholto Byrnes bounces into action this afternoon with an  admission that he is irritated by Glenda Jackson and the fact she is fighting a north London election from a home in south London. He says he’d have been far more interested if the Mark Seddon was running in her place, a proposition he’s heard whispers about in the past.

Would Seddon, the former Tribune editor, have stood a better chance in the constituency? There’s a fantasy football style selection debate to be had there. It’s impossible to really tell who’d be a better bet. But I’d step carefully, Mr Byrnes. Glenda’s already shoved the suggestion that she’s ‘a walking by-election’ right back down the throat of one writer today. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from Ms Jackson’s office very soon.

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