Aaronovitch and his Tory candidate

David AaronovitchPROOF that Times writer David Aaronovitch is unlikely to mark his cross next  to the Conservative box come May 6 appeared in his latest column today.

You will remember he was spotted bumping into Hampstead and Kilnurn’s Conservative candidate Chris Philp at Hampstead Tube Station on Tuesday night.

Although Aaronovitch explains he’s in the Not Tory party, he has some warmish words for Philp (albeit without naming  him in  his column):

Extract My Tory Candidate from his backdrop of Tarquins and I would find it difficult to be scared of a government composed of such people. MTC is liberal on social issues, not wanting to change the abortion laws; he is pro-EU (a fact to be gauged from his refusal even to discuss the issue with the local paper) and does not appear to be a gouger from the bodies of the poor. Even if he made his money in real estate in the Balkans, he has spent some of it on good works.

And, as he wrestles with the choices on offer this election, Aaronovitch reminds us that he  hasn’t always been the biggest fan of his Labour MP Glenda Jackson. He can’t resist revisiting the gripe in the same column:

His (Chris Philp’s) sitting Labour opponent is a grumpy septuagenarian who has, for years now, inhabited an ideas-free zone. When David Cameron quipped the other day that a government led by him “couldn’t do any worse” than the current lot, the image of this MP came to mind.

Another newspaper knifing, Glenda will have a wounded back this afternoon.

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  1. nic careem // April 10, 2010 at 9:58 pm //

    Richard, DA’s Time’s piece about his encounter with Tory PPC Chris Philp made me smile. I was one of the people who was with Chris Philp handing out leaflets outside Hampstead Station, and I can promise you not a single one of us there, including Chris, have been privately educated or wearing Hermes scarfs. Now I have no problem with Hermes scarfs or gucci shoes or those wishing to spend their money educating their children privately, as do a number of Labour MPs and ministers have done and still do. That said, I do believe the children who are state educated deserve to have the best possible education the state can provided. Sadly, thousands of our kids are leaving school unable to read or write properly. Tony Blairs famous education!, education! Education! Mantra sounds very hollow these days. I would be keen to find out where DA was educated, where he lives, I suspect in a desirable part of Hampstead and whether his girlfriend or wife’s wardrobe is adorned with Hermes scarfes and French hot couture

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