Whatever happened to Jim Royle taking on Camden’s Luciana?

Luciana Berger

Luciana Berger

THE Liverpool Echo rightly wonders what happened to the old story about Ricky Tomlinson, him off The Royle Family, standing against Luciana Berger – the Labour parliamentary candidate in Liverpool Wavertree. Flashback: Luciana was all set to be standing in council elections in St Pancras and Somers Town – potentially Labour’s safest ward in Camden – when she suddenly got on the House of Commons fast-track up on Merseyside.

Luciana copped a lot of personal flak for descending by parachute – and of course for not knowing who Bill Shankly was. As Labour tries to patch up the row and get on with the job of, you know, canvassing for votes, the Liberal Democrats have sensed a once-unexpected triumph in the air.

Outraged at Berger’s selection, Tomlinson puffed out his chest and said he would stand as an independent against her – but as the Echo reports this week it’s all gone quiet on that scene since February.

No wonder the hacks up there are asking: What’s up Ricky? Mouth. Money. Where. Etc. Etc. Other observers are folding both arms into right angles and waving them about while making clucking noises.

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