Odds check: Labour making ground in Hornsey and Wood Green

A BIG old day at the bookmakers… so Lib Dem Lynne Featherstone is well within her rights to send out her latest election circular coinciding with the Grand National and reminding us that she has been posted as the 1-20 hot favourite to retain Hornsey and Wood Green at the General Election (in easy maths, that means you put on £20 to win £1).

Yet almost as soon as she started bragging about the steep odds in her favour, they have started to shift. She’s still very much the hot favourite but the lead has apparently slipped. Amid all those Aintree prices today, Ladbrokes have a book open on every constituency for May 6. A check this afternoon shows they are now quoting a Featherstone win at just 1-8. Now, what has Lynne done wrong or Labour candidate Karen Jennings done right in the last few weeks to cause the market to compact?

Conservative candidate Richard Merrin stays stuck on 100-1 and I don’t think they do each way bets.


Ladbrokes odds on Hornsey and Wood Green

Ladbrokes: Hornsey and Wood Green price list, April 10

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