Boing! Boing! Bring back the Matchday Specials

REMEMBER that fuss about MPs demanding to travel in first class on trains because normal people make too much noise? Conservative front back bencher MP David Davis clearly doesn’t go in for all that snobbery. I’m sure that was him stepping out of a standard class cabin at King’s Cross station last night, albeit with his head possibly ringing from the cheers of a conga line of football fans tap-dancing down the platform.

The man tipped to be in line to leapfrog Chris Grayling (The Wire watcher who does his old shadow cabinet job) to become David Cameron’s first Home Secretary had run into West Bromich Albions fans celebrating their promotion to the Premiership on the line from Doncaster.

Now, if they just brought back the old matchday specials, train travel on Saturday evenings might not disturbed  by dizzy soccer supporters and Mr Davis would not have to repeatedly answer whether he thinks Ishmael Miller is Premiership quality or not.

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