I’m not standing next to him

WESTMINSTER City Council are naming a new footpath ‘Wilder Way’ after the Conservative councillor Ian Wilder, who died last year aged 62. He was warmly remembered for his dedication to soothing Soho’s chronic drink and drugs problems.

Tributes crossed the political divide… yet at the launch of the new road last week old rivalries resurfaced. With the camera ready, the West End Extra, the Camden New Journal’s sister paper in Westminster, was told by Conservative councillor Frixos Tombolis that he didn’t want to be pictured in the same press photo as David Bieda, one of Wilder’s friends who will be standing for Labour at council elections next month.

“I thought it would be unpopular with colleagues,” said Cllr Tombolis. “I just sensed that it would be a problem. You have to be careful when there’s an election on.”

…and so both of the pictures above appeared in the West End Extra. Silly.

It’s a tribute; not a manifesto launch, a battle bus photo op or a hustings event.

By the way, Glenys Roberts is the woman in the purple coat who seemed to see sense and allowed herself to be photographed with Wilder’s admirers, regardless of their political allegiance. She too is a Conservative councillor in Westminster.

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