Pay secrets: ‘It was them’

THE issue of chief officer pay at Camden Town Hall has been rumbling away for several weeks now. It’s public cash, the argument goes, so why can’t tax-payers know how much of their contributions goes on the six figure salaries and bonuses collected by chief executive Moira Gibb and her team of directors.

There has, however, been a rigid refusal to keep the figures confidential. But who took this decision?

Ms Gibb herself? The Town Hall’s legal department? No and no.

The mystery’s been solved: Recent Conservative election leaflets reveal all and tell us it was all down to those ‘crazy Lib Dems’ in Camden. For those not paying attention, that will be the group of Lib Dems that Camden’s Conservatives have worked in partnership with to run the council with for the last four years.

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  1. Theo Blackwell for Gospel Oak // April 16, 2010 at 10:26 am //

    Labour councillors have been making the running on this, the Conservatives haven’t been in contact with us at all – I had no idea they felt this way. Its a pity, because together with the Greens we couldv’e got this through. But then I forget, there’s an election on…

  2. there is also the un-accountable manner in which,
    the Housing Dept. of Camden Council is spending close to £2.8 million/year,
    on tenant participation.


    this huge amount of money – public money, as it’s from the HRA,
    has never been accounted for !

    is this Fraud ?

    the fib-dems have a lot to answer for – sadly, no one is asking the questions.
    Labour is too defensive; the Conservatives don’t really care-)

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