SamCamden: Not part of the official campaign, but..

WAYDAMINUTE. The briefing line we got on Tuesday was that Samantha Cameron’s visit to the Surma Centre was “not part of the official election campaign”. No misunderstanding: We were repeatedly told that, during the stomach-gurning  hour we waited for her to arrive. This was apparently why she wouldn’t take questions from the local papers. She was just in Regent’s Park to celebrate voluntary work, a ‘social action visit’.

So what, we may surely all ask, is this video (see above) all about? It surfaced today on the main Conservative website.

This SamCamWebCamSlam thingy look justs like an MP or candidate reaching out to voters on the campaign trail. The only thing missing is a plug for Holborn and St Pancras challenger George Lee, who genuinely did deserve a boost from one Cameron or the other for having kept the restless lunch clubbers at bay while Samantha was delayed. There was certainly no time for her to actually cook the food.

And listen to the kids: Why we’re you late?

She replies: Because my husband was making a speech and he doesn’t half go on… or something like that.

Don’t worry too much though, the kids loved Sam’s hair.

On camera, Mrs C rattles off a load of reasons why the Surma Centre is great, reasons anybody with even a scrap of knowledge about the place already know. But the person most likely to be seething about it all is Frank Dobson. As he said in this week’s Camden New Journal: ‘I helped set the place up 30 years ago’. A lot of his Labour colleagues were also clearly furious she had chosen to stop off for lunch in Hampstead Road. One called it ‘patronising’. If the idea was always to wind them up, Conservative plotters could not have planned it better.

P.S. Three points for anyone who can spot Labour candidate and former councillor Abdul Quadir making an unwitting cameo in the film.

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  1. From 02:33 to 02:36. He walks in through the door behind the men eating.

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