The sign of 474

LIBERAL Democrat ED Fordham is so insistent he is only 474 votes away from beating Glenda Jackson in Hampstead and Kilburn, he made it his campaign slogan. His rivals, of course, insist his sums don’t add up.

But however you take his claim, there is some spooky symmetery in Hampstead’s electoral past to make the hairs on the back of your neck prick up. Just ask Labour’s Ben Whitaker, the only¬† non-Tory other than Glenda Jackson to ever be voted in as MP for Hampstead, about that number.

He had one term in office between 1966-1970 but lost his seat in a close run thing to Conservative opponent Geoffrey Finsberg, defeated by, you guessed it folks….. 474 votes.

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  1. They’re not ‘his’ sums but the sums of the respected academics Rallings and Thrasher which are used and treated as authoritative by all major media outlets.

    No notional seat calculation can ever be flawless but they are the best representation available, as the opposition parties would agree when not writing leaflets.

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