In film: [Insert name here] can’t win here

THE frustration felt by everyone in Hampstead and Kilburn at being repeatedly told that  this candidate or that candidate can’t win here continues. As referenced first by NW6 Blog and Dave Hill at The Guardian, film-maker Nathan Williams supplies this wise assessment of the sweeping claims infecting the shovel loads of election literature being rammed through letterboxes. It’s a bit prickly towards the Conservatives, as all of the parties have been playing this silly game. They’ve pretty much been as bad as each other. Still, it’s another warning for the voters not to believe everything the H&K candidates are telling you and another warning for the candidates not to treat the voters like fools.

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  1. inde pendant // April 24, 2010 at 8:52 pm //

    ….spent the afternoon with Independent Commons Candidate for hampsttead & kilburn- Ms Tamsin Osmond….bumped into glenda jackson at Kilburn Park; looking sweet Ms Jackson -) ..bless you n your campaign. being a realist, do accept the 25-1 odds for Ms Osmond are a good bet. the real worry for ms jackson is not just …Fib Dims & Cons. – NO. It’s the loss of faith in Labour / New Labour… people NOT happy-(

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