The Da Latham Code

HERE’S another reason why all the politicos make sure they get the Camden New Journal every week.

A spikey article written by a former Labour councillor in a recent edition has suddenly been placed at the centre of what some people think is a cheeky stab at media kingpin Rupert Murdoch by his own staff at The Times.

Bob Latham’s article, (revisit it here), moaned about the support lent by Murdoch to David Cameron. The Conservative leader was interviewed on a train for Thursday”s issue of The Times and rather than having a photo, the newsdesk opted for an artist’s sketch of this pretty intercity scene.

All very nice, but the potential controversy lies in the background where another rail traveller is sketched out with a laptop screen flipped open and the words ‘Camden’, ‘Conservative’ and ‘a few feathers’ clearly visible.

As Haroon Siddique at The Guardian smartly points out: tap those words into google and the search leads you straight to Latham’s barbed analysis of Murdurch’s influence on the New Journal’s website.

No secret code, just a coincidence insists artist Matthew Cooke. Latham, according to Siddique, nevertheless insists his words were reproduced to show how top level Conservatives are worried about developments in Camden and the threat of a Labour comeback.

A cheeky bit of spin from one of Camden’s old heads, he must be chuffed to see his contribution to the New Journal’s Review section hitting centre stage in such intriguing circumstances.

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