Flat joke of the week

SORRY George Lee, but the most aching want-to-bite-off-your-own-arm moment of the election campaign in Holborn St and Pancras so farĀ  came at hustings on Thursday night when even he admitted he cracked a ‘flat joke’.

Boiled down to the bare bones, his quip was essentially: Frank Dobson looks a bit like Uncle Albert, the bumbling source of laughs on Only Fools and Horses. The reaction at the Irish Centre was tumbleweed silence.

The room was hushed for 30 uncomfortable seconds before a man in the audience cried out: “We expect better from somebody who wants to be our elective representative.”

With palms open to the crowd, George in fairness said: “Sorry, it was just a flat joke.” I guess he must have been itching to try out this not-so-hilarious Uncle Albert gag throughout the campaign but as soon as he blurted it out, he will have wished he hadn’t have bothered. Everybody knows Dobbo’s famous snowy beard is off limits.

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