Ed’s shoes… but have they got Vogue’s approval?

Ed Fordham brown shoes

Roadblock: Ed Fordham, in those shoes, canvasses drivers in West Hampstead

THOSE brown shoes from our little quiz, they belong to Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Ed Fordham (three points to John Bryant).

I can reveal his campaign team is desperate for him to lose the loafers but stubborn Fordham won’t give way. And maybe he was having the last laugh yesterday when it emerged one of the country’s leading fashion experts is backing him in Hampstead and Kilburn. Alexandra Shulman, the UK editor of Vogue, has apparently stuck a Lib Dem poster in her front garden. Not a bad big name endorsement.

Asked by The Times whether she minded being ‘outed’ as a Lib Dem, Shulman replied:

Am OK with it. Have been addressing envelopes. Not yet posting leaflets as envelope addressing is quite soothing and can be done in the sun in the garden.

But has Shulman really seen her choice of politicians’s choice of footwear yet? Surely not. Either that or she thinks he rocks the bolshy after-work-drink-in a-wine-bar look. Whack some Sade on the stereo, Mr F, and you’ll be all set.

We await to see the next issue of Vogue with baited breath, expecting a special brown loafer supplement.

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