The polls are open

WHILE most voters in the General Election have to wait until May 6 to make their choice, postal voters started getting their ballot papers today and, in theory, they could have made their mark, sealed up their envelope and dropped it in a pillar box today. Job done. Already.

Locally this is considered a major development – effectively the start of voting – and the main parties will have been targeting hard their leaflet drops to everyone who uses a postal vote. Doormats will have been walking recycling boxes of glossy red, yellow and blue paper.

But think about it, in the event of a really tight result, it could be won or lost today, tomorrow, or Tuesday… not actually on the big day itself.

While the rank and file have clearly grasped the significance of this, however, you wonder why their wasn’t more fireworks on the national scene on Saturday: Nick Clegg took the day off to spend it with his family (he’s a considerate family man, you see), Gordon Brown committed a PR sin by trying to entice us with an Elvis impersonator (bloody awful) and David Cameron had a low-keyish, egg-free stroll in Essex.

Don’t they know the polls are open now for thousands – hundreds of thousands – of postal voters and everything is still to play for.

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  1. There are far more people who vote on polling day itself, so it’s not really correct to say it could be won now. Admittedly in a close vote those postal ballots are important but I think we can understand that most people who ask for a postal vote do so because they already know who they’re going to vote for. Certainly this category of postal voter makes up the largest number of the 24,000 across the borough. Add into the mix that ballots probably won’t arrive until Monday, maybe even Tuesday and that those who applied for one in the last 6 weeks (probably about 3000) won’t recieve then until Thursday or Friday because they are going separately.

    Now we can probably conclude that there is not as much to play for as you might initially imagine this weekend.

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