Where’s Robin?

I’VE looked at this list of General Election candidates, looked again, treble looked and looked again, but this obsessive checking has found no trace of Robin Ellison, the independent candidate who promised to stand in Hampstead and Kilburn on the issue of pensions reform. Ellison actually suggested in February that he would not just be one independent candidate on his own, but that he was launching a whole new party: the U Party. He got good coverage in the Jewish Chronicle as recently as April 15 and his plans cropped up in a few other newspapers as well. So, what happened? We wanna know..

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  1. Perhaps he’s changed his name to John Chapman who is running (and leafletting) as an Independent in Holborn & St Pancras? One of his policies – withdraw from Iraq, which he claims we invaded for reasons of Oil and instead take more control of North Sea Oil. Well it needs a complete equipment overhaul if we’re going to invade Norway.

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