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WE were summoned to Marchmont Street for 9.15 yesterday morning to see Ed Balls speaking live. But as the clock ticked towards 9.20, 9.25 there was no sign of the Education Secretary.  Then on a TV set on the wall of the community association’s main hall where the rolling BBC News channel had been chirruping away, up popped his face above a caption… Ed Balls Live From Westminster.

The two-timer. There we were, a room full of people expecting to see him in the flesh, and he’s on a plasma almost willfully mocking us from a TV studio in the neighbouring borough. The old ”the minister will be here in two minutes” line wasn’t going to work this time. There was even time for a bacon sandwich adjournment in a nearby cafe.

Truth is, the higher they go, the busier they get, the later they arrive, the less time they have, the more they have to memorise and maybe, just maybe the weaker their punches. We’ll see.

To his credit, Balls must have ripped of his clip mic and beetled across town. He hit King’s Cross at about 10am and gave us a one to one interview – a fair deal for his tardiness? – which will left plenty of questions for Camden’s education department to think about.

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  1. Well at least he wasn’t as late as Sam Cam. Whispers of Labour retrenching in the south of HSP fearing the Lib Dem surge.

  2. Theo Blackwell for Gospel Oak // April 28, 2010 at 1:21 am //

    “bernard” check with the controlling minds of the Lib Dems before pressing ‘submit’, as they dont seem to be fighting Holborn (by the admission of Libs own candidate at the hustings, it seems), Bloomsbury, Regent’s Park, SomersTown, Gospel Oak or Highgate by my reckoning.

    That’s FIVE whole wards.

    In fact it seems like Kentish Town is where the action is right now, a ward to watch post-Ansari!

    • Errr, Theo, check with earlier submissions of mine where I have already stated this in response to a blog by Richard asking if Jo can win. I replied no, precisely for the reasons you suggest. Do try to keep, up although the nature of blogging is that you will naturally meet those comments of mine after you have submitted this and can probably be excused your error.

      My comment here was as simple as stated. Labour activists have expressed this concern. I happen to think it’s a ridiculous one. I was merely trying to draw a link between intensified Labour activity in the south of HSP and Balls visit. No more.

      As for controlling minds? I think you need to be a little freer in yours; stop seeing political parties behind every comment. It’ll make you miss what’s being said. A little like here?

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