Tactical Tories

A FEW Conservatives were a little annoyed at my cheeky suggestion last week that Tory voters in the south of the borough might be seduced by voting Lib Dem in a sort of tactical anti-Frank Dobson vote. The complainants fairly pointed out that they are properly contesting several council wards, like Bloomsbury, for important gains at the Town Hall and all that work will translate into a better show for parliamentary candidate George Lee than previously predicted.

I was actually only teasing about the thought of tactics coming into play…. but running through political anaylyst Renard Sexton’s Comment is Free article at The Guardian today, it seemsĀ that others have given the idea more thought. Sexton writes:

In places where the Liberal Democrats have a stronger base to build from, like Somerset North or Bournemouth West, a decisive movement towards the Lib Dem candidate by Labour voters could put it over the top. Similarly, a significant tactical move by Tory voters in Norwich South, Lewisham West and Penge, or Holborn and St Pancras, etc., would bring these in the Lib Dem column.

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  1. John Bryant // April 28, 2010 at 2:35 pm //

    The Tories shouldn’t complain. Tactical voting in the way you describe is an inevitable by-product of the first past the post voting system – the one the Tories still hold dear.

    • missing the point I think. Richard was saying the Tories were thinking of promoting tactical voting a few days ago and the Tories complained to him that they were not and that comment was unfair. nothing to do with the voting system.

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