Step outside

MAYBE, just maybe there has been a bit too much talk about the leaders’ wives in this general election. Why should whether or not Sarah can gee up Gordon after he’s bad-mouthed a granny or Samantha can successfully dish out curry in a community centre have any bearing on who we vote for?

I mean it’s not as if at ward and constituency level it makes a difference here. Wives, husbands and partners of our local candidates are hardly talked about (..apart from Chris Philp’s wedding photo that has appeared on some of his leaflets, seen that?).

That said: there’s nothing wrong with a bit of public support every now and then from their nearest and dearest and the loving husband of the week award goes to Barrie Taylor, him indoors to Karen Buck, the under threat Labour MP in Westminster North.

At an election event last week, supportive hubby Barrie turned up proud as punch in a ‘Step Outside Posh Boy’, the spoof slogan first seen in The Guardian on April 1… Let’s not condone scrapping or owt, but – Biff! Capow! Thwack! – the twinkle in Barrie’s eye suggests David Cameron (said posh boy) wouldn’t stand much chance if electoral disagreements were resolved by pub fight brawling. Everyone, let’s step back inside.

They will be slugging it out in that constituency, one of London’s most intriguing, right up to polling day.

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