Hired guns

MEANWHILE. On Twitter. Labour councillor Theo Blackwell insists the Lib Dems in Camden are using paid delivery companies to send out those daily messages through your letterbox. The accusation is that while Lib Dems sell themselves as all up-your-street-neighbourhood-local, they actually rely on hired guns. Theo keeps tweet-tweeting away, repeating the allegations and irritating the opposition. There should be easy answers to his questions, though. Some Lib Dems have flatly denied it, Bridget Fox’s team in Islington and Ed Fordham in Hampstead for example. In other areas they have been quiet on the issue.

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  1. In Kilburn Brent someone delivered half the ward with Sarah Teather newspapers, a notice about the islamic channel and a leaflet on how to vote tactically in watford. It was delievered in the wrong area – and clearly not by volunteers – unless they have no idea where la Teather is carpett bagging off too….

  2. The stairwells of most blocks in Somers Town St Pancras had piles of Lib Dem leaflets dumped in them this weekend. Spent most of the day with Jo Shaw to win newsletters blowing up round my ankles.

  3. Theo Blackwell for Gospel oak // May 4, 2010 at 2:29 pm //

    At 6.03pm of 15th April Lib Dem ppc Jo Shaw denied they were using paid delivery firms to deliver Lib dem leaflets (rather than volunteers motivated by belief in the party), here’s her tweet to me:

    CamdenJo @cllrtheo no paid delivery, only keen #LibDem volunteers in #HSP
    6:03 PM Apr 15th via mobile web in reply to cllrtheo

    Yet I have 9 people who say differently, after asking luminous-vested deliverers who they represented, when they appeared on doorsteps in Holborn & St.Pancras.

    This is quite a long way away from the impression they would like to create, of brigades of enthusiastic leafleters – motivated by St.Nick of Clegg – to deliver ‘the truth’ to the people of the borough.

    The fact is in Holborn at least, they are not doing any work apart from paid-for leafleting in 5 wards.

    I am also suspicious of some of the poster going up in one or two shopfronts – are the Lib dems paying for them to be there? if so, how much?

    I wonder what the story is elsewhere, as it’s all a bit fake, and ‘old politics.’

  4. Ruairi McAleese // May 4, 2010 at 4:17 pm //

    I have just received a little blue “hand written” letter from Jo Shaw. It was delivered to me by a paid for deliverer as he handed it to me in person and I asked him. So in Camden Town (where I live) Jo Shaw is using paid deliverers.

    • Bernard // May 4, 2010 at 11:35 pm //

      I’m not sure any of this discussion makes any difference? Paid deliverers are quite allowed so long as they’re declared in expenses. I’m not sure why any candidate would deny it if they used it or why any of you lot are anxious to know either way?

      What difference does it make if they are or aren’t? Do activist delivered leaflets taste sweeter or something?

      Perhaps all candidates should soley use paid deliverers and then they could claim to be job creators. I do hope, amonst this taxing issue, that you are all discounting the post office delivered electoral address from you eager comments.

  5. But will she – and a LD campaigner said to me ‘all Janet (Grauberg) sayshe spends money on at the moment is tsamps and pizza… both unquantifiable’

  6. Free the Camden 1 // May 13, 2010 at 11:53 pm //

    A lib dem was spotted hand delivering blue envelopes to homes in Kentish Town. (names and addresses on envelopes). Strangely I didn’t get one.

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