Chris gets in the photos

YOU may have thought election candidate Chris Philp had his hands full with the three-way (can we stil call it a three-way?) battle in Hampstead and Kilburn. But, look, is he eager to help the Conservatives in Islington North as well?

In a photo that will needle Labour and Lib Dem campaigners, here he plays banner holder outside Whittington Hospital in Highgate during the day of protest. held on Thursday.

The  protest, as we all now know, turned into a celebration when the Camden New Journal revealed before it had even begun that all of the major parties now pledge to reverse plans to cut the accident and emergency department.

To be fair to Philp, he can genuiney say that he did help get his party’s health man, Andrew Lansley, an old colleague, to make an on-the-record pledge about the hospital a few weeks ago. The justification for his involvement: the closure of the A&E at the Whit would surely have had a knock on effect for the same service at the Royal Free in Hampstead.

But never mind the politicians. Every party claims their lobbying proved the most important in getting all of the right health people nodding in agreement. Instead, protesters like Dave Plummer (pictured in full voice here) with his guitar and Save The Whittington song captured the volunteer, people power nature of the campaign. It was people like Dave that made the voice of protest so difficult to ignore.

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