The wit and ‘the witch’

HOW they will laugh in the Labour ranks if Glenda Jackson goes on now and wins it. How they will party. It’s been a bruising campaign and today they face another below the belt assault. Andrew Pierce’s diary in the Daily Mail includes the following:

* The nickname: ‘The ice queen’

* The nickname: ‘The wicked witch of Westminster’

* The nickname: ‘A walking by-election’

* A comment that she is a chain-smoker.

* A Facebook picture of a drag queen filed under her name.

It’s not too subtle is it? Pierce explains the wits in Westminster haven’t been kind to Jackson. As grumpy as she can be to journalists, the wits may also hold their hands up to not be so witty on this one.

For full disclosure, Pierce might have also, as he did on LBC at the weekend, admitted that he is one of Ms Jackson’s constituents in Hampstead. Speaking on a phone-in show on Sunday morning, he warned that people ‘might come unstuck’ with tactical voting in Hampstead and Kilburn. I wonder who his cross will go to…

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