Frank and the Lib Dem diamonds

TO the right, that there is a picture of another pub with Lib Dem diamonds in the window today: The supercool Crown and Goose in Delancey Street.

Check your attic for back issues, the Crown and Goose – and the neighbouring snooker club – has been saved a whole heap of times from a developer’s bulldozer thanks to campaigns from regular punters, neighbours and local politicians.

Below, that there is a picture of Labour MP Frank Dobson and Labour ward councillor Pat Callaghan throwing themselves behind the campaign a couple of yeas ago to make sure one of our favourite Camden Town boozers was kept open.

3 Comments on Frank and the Lib Dem diamonds

  1. MEOW!!

    Rather showing your true colours, aren’t you Richard?

    Whilst theoretically maintaining professional neutrality , OF COURSE.

  2. Richard Osley // May 5, 2010 at 6:26 pm //

    Don’t worry Paul B. Rest assured, I report (and have blogged) on the best and worst in politicians from all sides…

    Thanks for reading and taking part.

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