Election Live: Is exit poll bad news for Conservatives in Hampstead and Kilburn?

Live Blog: May 6/10.20PM

OUR election newsdesk just watched the BBC/Sky exit poll announced on a large television screen in a pizzeria on Parkway, Camden Town. It declares the Conservatives could be 19 seats nationally of forming a majority. This makes you think: where does Chris Philp’s campaign to unseat Labour’s Glenda Jackson fit into the Conservative masterplan? Philp during the campaign has often said his seat is at a crucial tipping point on head office’s target list of potential gains to trigger an effective Tory majority. Does the fact that they appear to have not  hit the magic number mean bad news for Chris tonight? He said over again that this was a seat that Cameron needed to claim an effective majority – if Cameron is caught short tonight, will Philp be disappointed too?

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