Election Live: Lib Dems on the charge in Hornsey and Wood Green

Live Blog: May 6/ 11.55am

INTERESTED to see how Labour fare against the Liberal Democrats in Hornsey and Wood Green today, I’ve just strolled past the polling station in Myddleton Road, Bowes Park. It looks like it has been set up in a disused shop, which sadly would be typical of what should be a bustling parade of shops. Ladbrokes seems to do the best business, when with only a bit of effort it could be a lovely little local high street. Lib Dem and Labour tellers were on hand at the door. In fact, there were two Lib Dems there and yellow rosetttes prowling the neighbouring streets.

Labour lost the seat to amazing swing to Lynne Featherstone last time around and she has dug her heels on this ground. I have only met her a couple of times but ‘Good constituency MP’ might as well be tattooed on her forehead for the number of times people have told me about her work here. Labour thinks it has a worthy candidate in trade unionist Karen Jennings, but the party will do well to recover the patch. It’s a constituency to keep an eye on, but not one  for – if you forgive the FA Cup third round patter – for a likely upset.

Meanwhile, lots of updates from politicians in Camden who say polling stations are not being completed monitored by tellers from all three front-running parties. The general election and local elections being on the same day must have stretched the campaign teams to the limit.

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