Election Live: On the streets

Live Blog: May 6/ 5.15pm

* I’VE walked from Camden Town through Belsize and Hampstead Town this afternoon – and in terms of numbers on the streets with clipboards this afternoon, the Liberal Democrats win hands down. Of course, it’s not a scientific indication of how things may be panning out. It might be completely different in other areas. It might have just been coincendence that I bumped into yellow rosettes on England’s Lane and then outside Belsize Park tube station and in South End Green. But I’m just saying, that’s what I saw. And in these difficult territories for Labour, the signs in windows are yellow and blue.

At the 168 bus stop, I ran into Linda Chung, a Lib Dem councillor in Hampstead for another 24 hours at least. A little flustered, she wouldn’t guarantee a Lib Dem tide would sweep through the neighbourhood.

Hampstead Town is a tense spot in the Camden battle today. It’s a split ward – two Tories and one Lib Dem. The Conservatives are full of bravado about the patch. The Lib Dems in contrast won’t say confidently, like they do elsewhere in the borough, that they will return three councilors at the local election count on Friday afternoon.

* Confidence is running high among the Lib Dems on the streets this afternoon, all of them convinced that Ed Fordham will take the parliamentary seat of Hampstead and Kilburn, some spinners saying “by a good margin”. There is clearly more concern about Belsize neighbourhood where canvassers have been ordered to go back and knock on more doors. Again and again.

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