Election Live: Sigh of relief for Dobbo?

Live Blog May 6/ 11.15PM

CROWDED around the television in the famous yellow sofa suite in Camden Road: TV stations have just updated their Exit Poll and it shows a slightly better picture for the Liberal Democrats, slighty. A last minute flurry of voting has helped them. But people will still, after everything that has happened in the last few weeks, be scratching their heads as to why the Lib Dems are apparently on course to end up with a lesser share of seats than before. There was talk before the polls closed of a surge that would take them beyond 100 seats, that they would leapfrog Labour nationally. That projected surge is what made people think Holborn and St Pancras Labour MP Frank Dobson was suddenly in real peril this week from Jo Shaw, his persistant Lib Dem opponent. He must be daring a slight sigh of relief, as it would be an odd set of results if Shaw goes on to win from here on a night when Exit Poll indicators – and it’s only an Exit Poll – puts the Lib Dems down as losing seats nationwide. Odd – but the key disclaimer is that this has been the most unpredicatble, fluid and, yup, odd election we have seen in years. Local results may just buck national trends.

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