Election Live: Somebody not voting for Ed Fordham

Live Blog: May 6/ 9.10pm

A SPOT of light reading as we wait at New Journal towers for an evening stroll down to the count at Haverstock School and we learn more about Times columnist David Aaronovitch’s wrestlewith himself over who to vote for. Remember, we saw him being canvassed by Conservative Chris Philp at Hampstead Tube Station earlier in the campaign. He clearly is no fan of Glenda Jackson but tells today how he will vote Labour in the hope that the party is not humiliated.

So everybody isn’t voting for Ed Fordham after all. In fact, Aaronovitch explains quite clearly why:

Yesterday I got a leaflet. Four colour pages, depicting the nice, gay, Lib Dem candidate, whom I would very much like to see as an MP. But the leaflet was a shocker. Sly references to the sitting MP not living in the constituency, three mentions of Iraq, a mendacious promise of a tax cut of “£700 for most people” … “paid for by closing loopholes”, £2.5 billion extra on schools, “green growth and jobs through investment” and then “honesty about the tough choices to cut the deficit”! And if you say that the leaflet shows them to be no different from the others, I say, “exactly”.

He later adds:

So on polling morning, as I walk down the hill to the school, I think the country needs Mr Cameron as PM. I think the country needs a Lib-Dem inspired reform of the electoral system. And I think the country needs a Labour Party that can still be the best hope for social justice at home and progress abroad. I don’t want to see that party, as seems possible, humiliated tonight. So I’ll be voting Labour.

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