Election Live: The forgotten election

Live Blog: May 6/ 8.16pm

BIT of confusion reported all day among voters coming out of Camden’s polling stations. Apparently, there was some uncertainty over the second ballot form given to people with a fair few number of participants not even realising the council elections were also taking place today. Once inside, some voters only used one of the three crosses available to them for the Town Hall ballot. That’s a real shame.

The single vote will still count but the local authority elections, usually such a big deal in Camden, have clearly been severely relegated in the eyes of the public by the most collossal General Election battle, played out over every television set, newspaper, blog and street corner in the country. Camden’s local newspapers do as much as they can, but the crush comes from the 24 hour media and the understandably excitable nationals. Maybe those papers could have done more to give this sub-story more publicity.

Yet, we are where we are and there is no getting away from the fact that the questions on the lips everybody who isn’t a candidate or canvasser in Camden is simple: Who will beat Glenda? Is Frank safe?

You can see eyes drifting away when you talk about the local council poll. Hey, you might not even have got this far. The only headlines that matter to the majority, rightly or wrongly, is the parliamentary polls.

And the lack of clarity of how to take part in the council elections could throw up some interesting results. Maybe we will see some more split wards as individuals gain from a single vote but teams of three candidates don’t receive the universal support that was perhaps meant for them. There is certainly potential for a splits in Belsize, Hampstead Town, Camden Town and Primrose Hill, Cantelowes, Kentish Town and Gospel Oak. Maybe Highgate and King’s Cross too.

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