Election Live: A sweaty poker game

Live Blog: May 7/2.10am

JUST informed that we may have to wait until 4 am and 5 am for the results in Camden’s constituencies (and that’s not including recounts).

So what have we got in front of us: a sweaty old poker game in Haverstock School’s canteen. Stifling, it’s like a sauna in here. All three main parties are sloping from table to table insisting that they can take something away from tonight this morning.

What is clear, is that the Labour vote has held up much better than the party’s opponents expected. Soft supporters have joined the sunny high turnout and it’s changed the game. Nobody in the Labour ranks is really fearing for Frank Dobson, and some are even daring to believe Glenda could yet win. What a changearound that would be. The buzz, however, is building around Chris Philp. His odds were sliding in the final days of the campaign, but everyone with a blue rosette is slapping him on the back right now.

All to play for. Around four hours to go.

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