Election Live: Horror show for Lib Dems in Kilburn

Live Blog: May 7/6.10PM

THE first council result to be read out in Camden suggests it will be a very bad night for the Liberal Democrats and another one to celebrate for Labour. Two key players in the Lib Dem ranks – Janet Grauberg and James King, both of whom had been executive members – have gone. That points to shifting sands in Camden.

Mukul Hira, the third candidate, a former member of Respect is also beaten. These are devastating results for a party that felt May 6 was going to b very special event. It now looks like the breakthrough that never was.

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  1. inde pendant // May 7, 2010 at 9:01 pm //

    i have personally written to James King, last year – he is Stupid and an Idiot !!
    as for the FIB Dim’s = the less we are vinfected, the better -)

    as is often the case; i am Right -))
    btw – labour is sweeping across camden, as i write this…..well deserved.
    ps – janet grauberg was always useless – like the rest of her party is….

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