No probs for Luciana

Luciana Berger

Luciana Berger

IN a different scenario, Luciana Berger might have been taking her seat on Camden Council this weekend. She would have certainly won in Somers Town and St Pancras, where she was a Labour candidate until withdrawing in January so she could run for Parliament in Liverpool Wavertree.

On Friday morning, she bypassed all that learn your trade on a local authority stuff and was easily elected, increasing the majority in the constituency by 2,000 votes. Not bad for a candidate who didn’t know who Bill Shankly was. I fink he sang Ferry Cross The Mersey or something.

But what will actor Ricky Tomlinson make of it all? So incensed by some southern lass being parachuted into Liverpool Wavertree, he said he would stand against her… only to be strangely absent from the stage on Friday morning as that bluddy Lucee-ahna booked her place at the Commons.

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  1. Not sure what this blog post intends…

  2. Richard Osley // May 9, 2010 at 11:19 pm //

    Thanks Nathan. Sorry if it’s not clear. I write about people, places and politics with a north London link. Luciana Berger was in the Labour group that was plotting the local election campaign in Camden. This blog has had four or five posts in the past on her fortunes – good and bad – in Liverpool Wavertree, so why not a post to wrap up her tale.

    Berger’s story is full of points of debate: parachuting of candidates into ‘safe seats’ and the wisdom of celebrities claiming they will use their high profile to influence the polls. We saw on Thursday that that doesn’t always work when Esther Rantzen’s plan for Luton seemed to unravel. I also quite like the idea of parliamentary candidates learning how real local politics work on local authorities before they bid for the House of Commons: wouldn’t it have been interesting to see David and Ed Miliband on Camden Council, for example.

    What do you think?

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