Party time for Blair’s buddies

MANY Labour supporters in Camden believe that their council defeat to the Liberal Democrats and the Tories in 2006 was less to do with poor performance locally, and more to do with unpopular national policies beyond their control, the Iraq War and Tony Blair.

Voters reassured that the party has moved on will be interested to learn that the celebrations in the Sir Richard Steele pub in Belsize Park on Friday night marking Labour’s return to power at the Town Hall had a couple of familiar guests: Alastair Campbell and Lord Gould, Blair’s PR man and Blair’s most trusted pollster.

The two men have strong local links. Campbell launched the local manifesto in 2006, while Lord Gould’s daughter, Georgia, is one of the new Labour councillors for Kentish Town. She apparently was no slouch during the local campaign and insiders say, even at 23 years of age, she proved too formidable for the Lib Dems on the doorstep.

Campbell, always quick off the mark, wrote about his delight at Labour’s comeback on his blog. “The results were stunning.” he reported.

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