Share the Mayor?

BACK in power at Camden Council, Labour will appoint a new cabinet tonight. Exciting times for the 30 new members who make up the party’s majority. But what will they do about the mayoralty?

In opposition for four years, Labour saw the Liberal Demcrat and Conservative coalition share out the job. That policy even opened the door for Camden’s first Opposition Mayor in Nurul Islam, a Labour councillor who stepped down at last week’s polls, anointed in 2008.

But. But. But. Labour always used to argue that the party in power should choose one of their members for the ceremonial, non-political job of Camden’s first citizen. Will they do that again and freeze out councillors from  the opposition benches again? There are plenty of Labour people who will want a turn. Expect Jonathan Simpson and Abdul Quadir, deputy Mayor in 2005, to be at the front of the queue.

3 Comments on Share the Mayor?

  1. I think Jonathan Simpson for Mayor is an excellent idea!

    But I suppose I don’t get to vote.

  2. Given the farce of the last Mayor getting arrested at the town hall Labour need to restore credibility to the role. Jonathan Simpson is doing it – he’s a great ward Councillor in King’s Cross so will be great. Good for him, he deserves it.

  3. Local Tory // May 12, 2010 at 4:00 pm //

    It will be interesting to see if Labour 2010 are as mean spirited on this issue as the Roberts regime was (on this and so much else).

    My money says they will be, sadly.

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