Here come the girls

ELECTORS in Haverstock: vote Jill, vote Sabrina, vote Joan, vote Jane… Elect three women in the late council election kick-off there and the gender split at the Camden Town Hall will be tilted a little closer to parity.

By my reckoning if the Haverstock somehow split its vote and, let’s say, elected Jill Fraser, Sabrina Francis and Joan Stally, Camden Council would then have 23 female councillors. That’s obviously not a half share but it must be pushing towards a record number for the new intake inducted yesterday, changing the complexion of a council that has often been dominated by white men in suits. That can only be a good thing. After the latest results, Swiss Cottage is last the man-only domain. Hampstead Town, Fortune Green, Regent’s Park and Highgate have two women representatives and only one man.

Already elected for Labour (40% of the Labour group on the council) are:

Sue Vincent, Valerie Leach, Georgia Gould, Angela Mason, Heather Johnson, Tulip Siddiq, Larraine Revah, Pat Callaghan, Sarah Hayward, Samata Khatoon, Milena Nuti, Maryam Eslamdoust

The Lib Dems: (40 %)

Flick Rea, Linda Chung, Gillian Risso-Gill, Nancy Jirira

Conservatives (30%):

Kirsty Roberts, Laura Trott, Claire-Louise Leyland

Green (1oo %):

Maya De Souza

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  1. Your scenario is somwhat fanciful as Haverstock is hardly likely to elect a Conservative, however good he or she may be.

    The election in Haverstock would have been more interesting if the next door wards of Kentish Town and Gospel Oak hadn’t been gained by Labour. The Council would then have been split 24/13/13/1 with everything to play for.

    However, Haverstock still has a role in the larger scheme of things in deciding whether the Lib Dems or Conservatives will be the main opposition party. Can some anorak advise what that means and how important it is? If it matters, it would mean that labour inclined voters, voting labour, would be voting for a Conservative official opposition so might prefer to vote Lib Dem and so on.


    • Richard Osley // May 11, 2010 at 11:48 am //

      Fanciful yes.. but will the council one day have a 50/50 gender split?

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