Where’s our housing minister?

AND so the drip-drip announcements continue and the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition cabinet is slowly formed… Still, time is ticking on now and it should not have escaped the notice of anybody close to the never-ending council housing debate in Camden that a new housing minister has yet to take a seat at the table.

Maybe locked in a room somewhere fighting it out are Tory housing spokesman Grant Shapps, who we saw on the election campaign in Camden making no firm commitments that he would stump up the investment needed for the borough’s homes, and Lib Dem housing spokeswoman Sarah Teather, who had to be pressed to say whether she was personally for or against the privatisation of council housing. She defers the question by saying local authorities should just what the tenants say should be done.

So if the tenants say build a big water slide from the top of the Chalcot Estate…

Seriously, though. Isn’t it time somebody was appointed housing minister? It’s an important gig.

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