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LYNNE Featherstone, who held Hornsey and Wood Green for the Liberal Democrats, has been busy on her never-dull blog, assuring her constituents that what she really wanted was a Lib-Lab coalition at Westminster. Don’t hate on us for ending up with the Conservatives, she suggests in tonight’s assessment, titled Strange Bedfellows:

I could never have imagined a long week ago in politics – the outcome that has now arrived – coalition with the Tories.

I was very keen on opening up talks with Labour as, like many others, I had a long cherished vision of a realignment of the left of politics and a progressive alliance. Those talks were opened on that request.

Given most people will now have seen the events unfurl – it became clear that Labour either didn’t wish to realign with us or were not capable of doing so – even though Gordon Brown stepped aside to make it possible. To all those who are angry about a coalition with the Conservative – why not email Labour to ask why they didn’t want to offer a viable alternative?

A huge disappointment – leaving on the table the Conservative offer. In policy terms the offer is just about as good as it could be – short of PR! Sadly – that was not achievable with either of the other parties.

So we ended up with Cameron in Number 10. Not quite what Lynne predicted before the election. Spin through her online archives and you find on Monday April 26, she blogged:

Despite the desperate efforts of Labour to claim if people vote LibDem they will get Cameron or the Conservatives’ desperate efforts to claim that if you vote LibDem you will get Brown – this time actually if you vote Liberal Democrat – you will get Liberal Democrats.

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  1. Chris Knight // May 13, 2010 at 9:26 am //

    I think she protests to much
    surley the Lady must realise that the answer is the Lib Dem vote just did not happen.
    Rather than writing to Labour take a look in the mirror and see just what went wrong!

  2. Albert Shanker // May 13, 2010 at 4:21 pm //

    For goodness sake, take some responsibility Lib Dems!

    It’s classic Lib Demmery from Featherstone, Jonathan Fryer and others like Merel Ece who seem their hard work and support base undermined by the ease at which the Lib Dems treat with the Tories.

    It is not Labour’s fault that they negotiated and signed an agreement with the Tories. The smiling faces as Lib Dem ministers take seats around the cabinet tell a real story.

    Lynne’s argument set out in yur first quote wouldnt stand up in a court of law, and won’t succeed in the court of public opinion either

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