No fear Piers

Piers Wauchope

I WAS just right there wondering whether Piers Wauchope would be at his typewriter in Tunbridge Wells, beavering away on some new chapters of his recent book Camden: A Political History – How Labour Lost Its Won And Found Its Way And Lost following the change of power at the Town Hall last week…. and whose name flashes across the Evening Standard‘s news pages. Wauchope, the former leader of the Tories in Camden, was doing his day’s work as a barrister earlier and apparently became involved in quite the courtroom drama. As feuding defendants tried to lamp each other at a burglary trial, it was Wauchope who dived into the dock to split them up.

Scoop getters at the Standard report how his “spectacles were knocked off in the scuffle” and how Piers later  “replaced his wig, readjusted his gown and returned to the front bench of the court to continue prosecuting the defendants”.

A hero, declares the Standard. Give him a bravery award, say I.

Now, what about  those extra chapters… Another dose of Labour losing its way and winning needs writing sharpish.

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