Strange bedfellows

BACK to Hornsey and Wood Green, where Lynne Featherstone, to her credit, took the time to reply to that Vote Lib Dem, Get Conservative Lib Dem blog post from a couple of days ago and having reassured us all that the Liberal Democrats working with the Conservatives is not such an awful act of betrayal, has spent this morning musing in the bath about her new job in  the Home Office.

She’s been called up to work on equalities, where she will be ultimately be answering to her Conservative boss Theresa May, the Home Secretary and the Minister for Equalities. One of their first discussions might be about the pictures released of the Cabinet  yesterday. You didn’t have to be a descendent of Pankhurst to think it essentially looked like a circle of one white man in a suit after another. (Calm down everybody.. there was a woman with a shalwar kameez there too. Couldn’t miss her, perched at the end of the table, bold as brass..)

Lynne and May might also want to chat about why The Pink News were left cringing this week after a taking scan through old voting records to see how the new personnel voted on gay rights in the past. It reports May did support civil partnerships but voted against equalising the age of consent in 1998 and against the repeal of Section 28 a couple years after that.

There may be ructions, as Lynne says today. You can only wish her fortune in the new politics ahead.

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