The Holborn trail

FORMER policeman George Lee couldn’t squeeze past the Lib Dems to move the Conservatives up to second place in Holborn and St Pancras constituency last week.

Never mind. The former policeman shouldn’t be too downbeat, Frank Dobson has now beaten eight Conservative challengers over 30 years.

And there is a trend developing that former policeman George should relish if he still fancies taking up a place in Parliament in the future.

HALF of the EIGHT Tories who lost to Dobbo over the years have gone onto find another seat in the Commons, including Margot James who lost last time (2005). She was elected in Stourbridge last week but must have had passing interest in how forme (you heard his life story at the hustings) George got on in her previous battleground.

Others to lose in Holborn but to find another way through the front door are: Julian Smith (1997), Peter Luff (1987) and Robert Key (1979).

Remember too that the man who lost in 1974 – albeit to Jock Stallard, rather than Frank – was some guy called John Major.

All encouraging signs for George… a former policeman.

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