David or Ed?

ONE thing you can’t say about David Miliband is that he hasn’t put the work in. He wasn’t ever a councillor in Camden but as a teenager people remember him producing and distributing the Champion, a newsletter of Labour events, and his name appears on pages and pages of minutes from branch meetings…

But does Labour locally now want him to go all the way and lead the party? What has become the Bob Latham Collection of campaign pictures from the election just gone  shows excited new councillors queued up to be pictured with him: See here, Latham snaps Phil Jones, Mike Katz, Maryam Eslamdoust  Milena Nuti and Thomas Gardiner all alongside Brains.

Scratch the surface of Camden’s Labour Party, however, and you might find when it comes to the crunch many members of the new gang in charge of the Town Hall would look beyond David M in the leadership contest. Is the final photo in the set, leader Nash with David’s little brother Ed, a clue?

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