The Junior Apprentice of Highbury Place

Junior Apprentice House, Islington

JUNIOR Apprentice is telly you have to watch through your fingers, so precocious are the children, so painful their stuttering explanations for failure in front of Lord Alan Sugar. And yet, as much you worry that the black cab whisking the confused losers away at the end is going directly to a tear-flooded youth rehab centre, it is after two episodes as addictive as the adult version ever was. (Note: You ever noticed how many people who say they hate city slickers, killer businesses, stocks, shares and general suit-and-tie trampling over people tune into shows like this and secretly wish they were contestants?)

A fan or not, what can’t be denied is that the show makes London look beautiful with its cameras stuck to cranes towering over the city and shot from loop-de-loop helicopters, and in this series Islington gets special treatment. Lord Sugar shacks up the adolescent chief executives in a beautiful townhouse in Highbury Place, right near Highbury Fields. It’s what the growly old lion might call bladdy gawjus. So gorgeous in fact, you half expect little Oliver Twist to pop his head out of a balcony window come morning time to see flower sellers and milk maids chirruping ‘who will buy my sweet red roses, any miiilk today?’

To get a closer look, check out the shot of the building on Google Streetview.Not sure when the Googlemobile googled past but presumably it was before filming of the Junior Apprentice started. You’ll see a skip outside and the front entrance to the home covered with builders’ hoardings. Looks a lot of trouble to install a couple of luxury ping pong tables.

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  1. Catherine Osley // May 21, 2010 at 1:56 pm //

    Who knew I was so close!

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