What Oona King did next..

SEEMS like only yesterday I was blogging on how Oona King was so bored of the Labour Party on her visit to a meeting that she walked out and didn’t come back for seven years (“It was Camden in the 1980s, so maybe there was no point”).

Now, the third most famous pupil to come out of Haverstock School in Camden – David Mil footballer Joe Cole and NDubz both went there and are surely ahead of her in the fame stakes – wants to become the Mayor of London? Yes she does. Yes she does. Says so right here in The Guardian tonight:

The former Labour MP Oona King will announce tomorrow her return to frontline politics by declaring that she will challenge Ken Livingstone to become Labour’s candidate for mayor of London in 2012. King will fight Livingstone to become Labour challenger to Boris Johnson. The contest – like the leadership contest – will be decided at the party conference in the autumn.

Now, let’s think: is this one going to get fractious? Remember, the last time Ken was challenged for the Labour ticket. That was a drama that featured Glenda Jackson and Frank Dobson, and left lasting scars.

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  1. This writer wants nothing more than for Ken Livingstone to win the mayoral election, but….See; http://kenlivingstoneformayor.blogspot.com

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