Swings and roundabouts

ANOTHER line from the Progress conference on Saturday came from the Labour camp in Hornsey and Wood Green, where members were feeling deflated at doing well in Haringey council elections but losing ground to Lib Dem Lynne Featherstone in the parliamentary contest.

“When you look at the other results in London, you see people came out for Labour”, said a local Labour campaigner in one debate-shop. “But you got the impression that there was so much concentration on holding onto seats, nobody thought about areas where we could gain them. We could have won against the Lib Dems in Hornsey and Wood Green.”

So, did the effort to save Glenda Jackson, Karen Buck and Emily Thornberry have its downsides for Labour activists? It would be interesting to see how the resources were shared out.

Panel speaker Luke Akehurst suggested on Saturday  that the former Labour-ruled patch was “Guardianista” territory and that the Lib Dem deals with the Conservatives nationally would be seen as a betrayal and that it would be a different contest next time around.

It’s certainly a sea-change seat. It has been blue, red and yellow in the last 15 years.

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