The Mayor and Mayoress

THE Mayor’s parlour has seen a bit of excitement in recent years, but a tag team of Jonathan Simpson and broadcaster Amy Lame is genuinely something eye-catching and new. Cllr Simpson will name broadcaster Lame as his official Mayoress tomorrow night. For those not acquainted:

The positions in the parlour are meant to be non-political.. so no chance for the new Mayor and Mayoress team – both of whom have campaigned with Stonewall, the gay equalities charity – to collar Conservative member Andrew Mennear over rows past.

Back in 2004, when Cllr Mennear was running for Parliament in Finchley and Golders Green, he argued the ‘gay community’ should pay for condom-clearing on Hampstead Heath. He said at the time: “We shouldn’t shy away from controversial ideas. The Hampstead Heath Management Committee needs to find money, and will have to cut essential amenities for the public while it costs £70,000 every year to pay two people to clean up after all the gay festivities on the Heath every night.” Stonewall chief Ben Summerskill dismissed the idea as a ‘cheap political stunt’.

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  1. Martin Davies // May 25, 2010 at 4:49 pm //

    I think that Jonathan Simpson and Andrew Mennear have different views on many issues, but they seem to share similar views on condom littering on Hampstead Heath.
    I found the following extract from a 2001 Gaydarnation interview with Jonathan Simpson

    Are there any issues with which you clash with sections of the gay community?
    I take issue with the irresponsible behaviour of some gay men who use sections of Hampstead Heath as a cruising area. Namely those that are visibly engaging in sexual activity during daylight hours and those that litter the Heath with soiled condoms. I have always believed that the police should prioritise crimes with victims instead of those victimless ones. However, cruisers should understand that the police are not homophobic if they`re responding to valid complaints from the public.

  2. Martin – I think Mayor Simpson’s quote is very different from Councillor Mennear’s. Jonathan is taking a responsible position that gay people should be a lot more responsible and not litter the area. Mennear was suggesting that the gay community should somehow be held responsible for paying for an annual clear up. Jonathan’s position is what most would regard as sensible whereas Mennear is being sensationalist.

    Jonathan is my local Councillor in King’s Cross. He’s a bloody hard worker and I’m delighted he’s going to be our first citizen – particularly after the dreadful headlines that Ansari caused. And lets face it the Mayoress will bring a touch of camp and glamour to the role.

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