Now, who’s crowing?

THE Lib Dems are moving into crowing overdrive vis a vis Haverstock, starting most of their crows with something about how Labour were crowing a few weeks ago. You’ve seen what Lib Dem presidente Ros Scott had to say. Now Lynne Featherstone, the Equalities Minister from down the road, says on the most readable politician’s blog in town (oops, shouldn’t have said that, the compliment will turn up on a leaflet next election) this:

I love it!

Two minutes after the General Election – with Labour crowing in Camden that it would get loads of votes from LibDems furious about the coalition – and they bombed! The Liberal Democrats won all three seats in Camden Council’s delayed Haverstock West (sic) election, beating Labour and improving their share of the vote by six percent.

Not sure Labour Sabrina Francis’s 34 vote deficit on Lib Dem Rahal Bokth really counts as ‘bombing’, but every political party has a little swagger after a winning a pressure cooker election like yesterday’s. Lynne’s delighted; I wonder how many of her Hornsey and Wood Greeners were drafted in to help Jill Fraser and Co win the day.

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