Accidental councillors

THE Lancashire Evening Post tells us Lib Dem accidental councillor Liam Pennington has stepped down from Preston Council just three weeks after gaining a seat from Labour.

Having spoken to the girlfriend I have made some decisions to ensure I never come close to losing her again,” he said, writes the LEP underneath a picture of Liam looking like he’s ready to reform Oasis. “I will resign from Preston Council tomorrow with immediate effect and always make sure she knows what I’m up to on nights out. I can’t get that close to losing her, my life must change to focus on keeping this relationship alive.” (Note: He’s spoken to ‘the girlfriend’, not ‘my girlfriend’.. that’s regional, folks).

Pennington’s change of heart may sound speedy.. but it’s not as fast as a famous tale from Camden’s recent parochial politics. In 2002, the Lib Dems pierced Camden Town with Primrose Hill for the first time, gaining a seat in what had previously always been a straight Labour territory. Those cheers turned to gloom when winning candidate Justin Barnard stood down a week later, telling colleagues he was moving to Norfolk. The Lib Dems lost the result by-election and their hard work unravelled. It’s episode that was still part of the gossip and chatter at the council election count  on Tuesday.

Punch Mr Barnard’s name into the internet and you get HERE. I emailed the address provided before the election, hopefully punting for an interview. Maybe the message got stuck in a spam filter somewhere, but no reply so far..

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