Keeping mum

CAMERAPHONES out everyone, here comes Ed Miliband. This is him speaking in at the LSE on Friday morning. He is still officially  only the second favourite to become the Labour Party’s next leader but more and more people with Camden and Islington Labour connections tell me they would just love it if he does.

They just won’t say it so publicly as Frank Dobson and Emily Thornberry have for fear of upsetting Brother David, whose north London networking and efforts during the election campaign have not been forgotten round here.

Yet, yet still we are in the dark over who then Mili-mum, Marion Kozak, wants to come out on top. Every paper in the country has tried to prise her thoughts into the public domain: she has played a wonderfully straight bat to frustrate them all. Ed suggested she had simply told them to have a ‘good fight’ this weekend. She doesn’t always sit on the fence though: a few years ago now, she wrote in the Camden New Journal about the importance of affordable nursery places in inner London.

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