‘They are all gay – unless they prove otherwise’

SEVERAL out-and-proud gay men have been enthused by the Lib Dems in north Lodnon, got themselves elected as councillors and taken on important jobs in the party’s Camden and Islington branches. But *splutter splutter*, have a look at the opening gambit from Spurs-supporting  columnist Richard Littlejohn at the top of  his Daily Mail piece today:

“TO be honest, I’ve always considered all Liberal MPs to be homosexuals unless furnished with concrete proof to the contrary.”

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  1. John Bryant // June 1, 2010 at 4:59 pm //

    Actually it has long been an internal joke within the Camden Liberal Democrats that I always assume, when introduced to a young aspiring male candidate , that they are gay until I am told otherwise. As our 2006-10 group included seven gay men it was usually the case anyway.

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